the revolution bra known from Sat.1

Wireless, sexy & comfortable!

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LindaBra is the bra you have always been looking for!

Developed and designed to support superwomen like us – comfortable and sexy all day long.
Every detail is tailored to our needs.


bra without wires

Secure hold
no pinching wires


strong support for larger cup sizes

Support for your back
no grandma-style


silicon straps

Strong straps
no cutting into your shoulders

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Power Woman Bra

We women are true all-rounders

That's why we need a bra that can do anything: it should be comfortable and sexy. Every day LindaBra supports you with a firm hold, optimal distribution of pressure and chic design. Instead of stealing your breath, LindaBra will take your breath away. Comfy but sexy.

Wireless, sexy & comfortable

  • Wireless
  • Secure hold
  • Beautiful cleavage
  • Support for your back
  • Gentle on your shoulder
  • Metal-free hook and eye
LindBra - comfy straps comfy back

known from

We wanted to be sure and interviewed 1,500 women:

What annoys you about your bras? What should your perfect bra be like?

  • 76% of women complain about uncomfortable and pinching underwires.
  • 55% suffer from cutting straps and pressure points.
  • For almost 90% of women, the comfort of their bra is paramount, closely followed by a secure fit and a beautiful form.
  • Nearly 15% of women wear bras without underwires – yet another 61% would like to wear wireless bras if they would be supportive.

That's what our customers say: